AntennaClub Maintenance

New E – M – E Station under construction

There’s plenty of bits and bobs lying around the club including a “newish” but damaged bottom tower section. Some members expressed an interest in working satellites and E M E type of operating. So why not make an EME station? Well it’s under way. Hole dug out, tower section cut ready for the first phase of fabrication and install – (22/06/20)

1m deep hole – tower lying in a rough position

Now that’s it underway time for some fabrication and hard work. Welding , cutting, grinding and some soldering on the electronic controller – (09/07/20)

Now that the concrete has took hold time for some testing – (11/07/20)

15/07/20 – Ok, so having tried tilting it over it was noted that it was a bit difficult when lining up the front bolt. So I welded a 10mm mild steel pad and washer to allow the tower leg to rest on the ground mounted leg, which makes the front bolt securing effortless.