GB3FE was commissioned by the members of Stirling Radio Club in 2008. Initially based on the Nokia BSR150 Commercial Repeater but is now using a Philips FX5000.


TX Frequency 145.6625 MHz. Offset -600KHz. CTCSS 103.5Hz. Narrow Deviation 

Repeater Philips FX5030

Control Logic GD4HOZ logic

Antenna Diamond 3db co-linear

Duplexer TCL Highband Cavities modified for Band Pass Band Reject.

Transmit Power 15 Watts at the output of the Duplexer.

Repeater Keeper GM0MZB

GB3FE is permanently connected simultaneously to both the IRLP and Echolink VOIP networks, this is achieved by the custom made IRLP interface and Raspberry Pi which has the EchoIrlp software loaded.

GB3FE coverage map