160MAntennaClub Maintenance

160m Antenna re-think.

5 Sections have been broken to date.

So a few months ago the club fixed the top band vertical and raised it, only this time for the top 12m pole to snap a few weeks later! As a result the vertical was lowered and a new 12m spiderpole fitted. However whilst down the club tried to improve on the antenna performance and add a capacity hat via radials at the bottom of the 12m spiderpole. With this extra weight of the cable the fibreglass 4 inch mast has now snapped, in fact 5 sections have snapped and beyond repair.

We are of the opinion that the 12m mast with capacity hat is not the way forward and are now looking at installing an inverted L antenna. We can not get access to these mast sections anymore and if we continue we will end up with a vertical for 40m.

So back to the drawing board.

The 160m mast is back up. But no longer a loaded vertical for top band. Now it will be an Inverted L for top band. The antenna still needs finished and tuned, however most of the hard work has been done by club members.