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GMDX 2019

The club attended the 2019 GMDX convertion it was a great event with 100 people turning up. I would like to thank GMDX for running a great event enjoyed by all. The event itself incorporates a number of talks which this year included two of our own club members Jonathan

Blue Ham 2019 Contest

The Club this year as participated the Blue Ham 2019. This Contest is for the 5 MHz band which is normally used for military communications within the UK. Amateurs can use this band all year but is very restricted. However for Blue Ham it is permitted for an amateurs to

CW Boot Camp 2019

The club hosted the 2019 GMDX CW Boot Camp. This event allow amateurs from around the UK to visit and develop the CW skills either through 5-12 WPM or 20+ WPM class. Tutors at the Boot Camp were well known Scottish DXers, Rob GM3YTS, Gav GM0GAV, Dave GM4EVS & Hugh