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GB3OH was run independently by GM0MZB from 2000 until 2009 when administration was taken over by Stirling Radio Club.

GB3OH has been at its current location since 1982 and provides UHF coverage across the Forth Valley Area.



TX Frequency 430.950 MHz. Offset +7.6MHz. CTCSS 94.8Hz.

Repeater  Philips PRF1050

Control Logic GD4HOZ

Antenna SDH450 Folded Dipole

Duplexer Procom DPF70-6

TX Power 6 Watts

Keeper GM0MZB

  • GB3OH Mk5
    GB3OH Mk5
  • Antenna System
    Antenna System
  • Old Pye Cavity Filters
    Old Pye Cavity Filters
  • GB3OH Mk1 Logic
    GB3OH Mk1 Logic
  • GB3OH Mk3 and Cavity Filters
    GB3OH Mk3 and Cavity Filters