New to amateur radio?

Got your new MM7 call and not sure what to do now?

Do NOT be put off by videos of antenna farms or posts of construction projects. Stirling District Amateur Radio Society (GM6NX) welcomes anyone interested in radio; new licencees, returners to the hobby, licencees wanting to progress to the next level. When people see clubs that have good facilities they automatically assume that members must be of a good technical background or willing to give up every weekend for maintenance work etc. That is NOT the case at SDARS. We have members at all licence levels of the hobby and have interests covering, HF, VHF, UHF, contesting, satellites, morse code, digital modes, DMR, APRS, SOTA…

At GM6NX there are no technical geniuses or master minds, just people that enjoy the hobby, willing to learn new things and put those skills to test by construction or operating. No question is too silly and without asking you will never know so come along to the club and skill up, play some radio on an amazing array of antennas rigs and amplifiers and enjoy the chat.

If you do not currently have an amateur radio licence then please sign up to Billy’s (GM6DX) FREE amateur radio course at

and visit for more info.

Please come along to the club, to find out more about the hobby and to learn new things.